Our School - What People Say About Us


In our school we rely on effective interpersonal connections to drive the learning opportunities.  

A small selection of feedback from students and families about our school, services and experiences: 


"Thanks again for being so wonderful during our 4 months of Distance Ed. You really made it so smooth and easy to understand. The services the school provides are so fabulous. You all do a brilliant job.

Liam & Ebony G Aust Travel family 2018

"…Of course it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. While Delta and Billy were thrilled by the adventure, having been inspired by the journals their parents kept from their travels, establishing a school routine through distance education took a few months. Sherrin also had to adjust to the role of a teacher. These days though, Sherrin says Delta and Billy’s education is soaring and is complemented by their many day-to-day experiences away from the books like visiting museums and galleries or going bushwalking or to see a waterfall." Extract of an article from ‘Coastbeat Magazine – issue 03 2018 pg014) Woods family Aust travel category 2018

"Dear Mrs Jackson, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your amazing school, you have no idea how thankful I am that you stepped in to help when no one else did. Distance Education has not only helped me learn and grow mentally, but it’s also helped me grow as a person and explore more possibilities. Yours truly Tamisin." Tamisin Yr6 student feedback via a letter to the Principal at the end of the 2018 school year. 

 "Hello Mrs Jackson. We just wanted to express our thanks for taking Tamisin into your schooling community. I'm not sure that "thank you" will be enough for yourself and your school. You were right at the Presentation Day, it is definitely the best school. If Wendy from Ronald McDonald House had not suggested Distance Education for Tamisin, she would not be the confident young lady we see before us … she has been able to have a new understanding of schooling and dealing with her diabetes, having her school standup for her and having her back, growing as a student and managing her diabetes and school. It was lovely meeting you last week. Thank you for everything. Scott, Emma, Jasmine and TAMISIN"  Parents of Tamisin Yr6 student – Extract feedback via a letter to the Principal at the end of the 2018 school year. 

"North East Public School of Distance Education, the best school in NSW has the most awsome teachers ever. They turned up and the kids were so excited and the teachers just loved being here. Thanks for being so awsome." Comment on the NEPSODE FB page - from the Giles family following a field visit mid term 1 2018. 

"Our boys are loving this school. Great teachers, flexible learning to fit around our travels. Happy boys = happy parents" FB post from Aussies Chasing The Sun July 2018 

"My husband and I want to express how impressed we were with North East Public School as our distance education school for 2017 while we travelled Australia. We have nothing but praise for the high level of education, organisation and assistance our children received. Everything from my initial contact with the school, reassurance and explanation from the principal, resources and the wonderful teacher we were appointed was fantastic. Our deepest gratitude and endless thanks particularly go to their teacher Miss Tegan Gray who deserves huge congratulations on her high quality teaching and genuine interest in our children's learning, interests and travels. We couldn't have done it Tegan without your patience, flexibility and quality teaching, so a BIG thank you to you. We wish Tegan and the school all the best for the coming years." Email from the Webber family 26th Jan 2018. 

"We chose Distance Education for Carter 8 (year 2), Heath 7 (year 1) with North East Public School located in Port Macquarie (NSW) who I couldn't recommend highly enough. They have been so easy and lovely to deal with from the beginning and we all love the boys teacher Ashley who we are thrilled will be teaching the boys next year too. Education packs are sent to a destination anywhere in Australia with sheets to fill out, books to read and art and craft to do. Their teacher phones once a week for a lesson and will test them on some of the work and have general chat. Boys enjoy theses calls. Each student has work created to suit the individual child. Similar work is created for Heath and Carter to make it easier for us to teach and supervise both at the same time, but if we or the boys request something be included or not included, this would be taken into account when planning the packs." Taken from a family 'Ten Itchy Feet FB' page re Travelling with Kids Post - 22nd Dec 2017 - they also answer lots of common questions re travelling and education with kids on their page. 

"I have been at NEPSODE all my school life. I agree with Mrs Jackson, it IS the best school in NSW. I have so many memories of all the great projects my teachers have sent me and all the fun musters I have been through. There are too many to choose from. I can say for sure that if it involved building or designing it would have been the absolute best. But then I did really love the museum at Armidale. My teachers have been a part of my family. I have felt welcomed by everyone whenever they saw me. I want to say a big thank you to everyone for such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the best school in NSW. I will miss you all." Jacob Mason Yr6 student - at our Presentation Assembly Port Macquarie 2017

"We were delighted to take part in distance education with your school and found the teachers outstanding and they were very much appreciated. Thanks and Regards." Ms Karalyn Sladka via email Jan 2018 

 "We have loved our DE school. The workload can be heavy but the school is really understanding and very accommodating at reducing the workload depending on your needs. The packs are easy to send/receive and our boys had a weekly video lesson with their teacher. We found libraries on our trip were great resources and a nice change of scenery for the boys from the van classroom. The school provides so many resources it's awesome!" Wanderingwebbers via FB 6th Dec 2017

"Counting down the final days of a year doing distance education for the boys. It's been an interesting journey. Huge thanks to the North East Public School of Distance Education and their teacher Miss Gray!"  Wanderingwebbers via FB 6th Dec 2017

"Thank you everyone, you have changed my Billy in more ways than I could ever have imagined. No looking back for us now, amazing school, amazing teachers, amazing kids!" Sarah Avis via our FB page 7th Dec 2017 

 "It was a really hard choice last year, taking our kids out of main steam to enrol them into this school.... it’s an even harder choice (now we’ve stopped travelling) to leave this school. We love you guys!!!!Thank you to everyone.... ‘especially Mrs Mason’.... you will now all be a part of our families life journey forever 😘😘 what Nepsode offer is more than we could have ever imagined. I agree withTonya..... your school is not just ‘the best school in Port Macquarie’ but in the whole wide world xx"  Richelle Day via NEPSODE FB page 5th Dec 2017

"Where else could you catch up on sleep, turn up to class in your pj's and have breakfast with your teacher? Flexible learning and teachers that understand the week we have had, proves we picked a great school. P.s this isn't a regular occurrence ;)" Family exploring Australia 2017 - via their FB page Our Family Getabout 8th June 2017

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort that has gone into Holly's education throughout her placement with you and for the felxibility you have allowed us to have with her workload and content. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and we all enjoyed sharing our jouney with you." Melissa and Aaron Reid Australian Travel category 2017.   

"There are some really great distance education programs available to families, for example NEPSODE in Port macquarie, NSW offer a flexible learning experience for travelling children, the key is to talk with the distance education provider to understand the requirements before signing up." From Little Aussie Travellers.com.au Blog 2017.

"I get asked all the time - why do love Distance Education? Simple... I picked a great school, it works for us and the girls love the weekly lesson time. It's nice to have teachers that can help educate our kids and support me on a daily basis." Moteforte Family exploring Australia 2017 - via their FB page Our Family Getabout.  

"Working one on one meant I could see the progress our children were making and help them when they were struggling. The flexibility of working when it suited us meant we didn't miss out on sight seeing." Andrew and Naomi Crutchett 2016 Australian Travel enrol category of DE. 

"Fantastic school. Our girls are loving being able to travel around Australia this year, while still learning with their wonderful teacher Mrs Branch." Lindi Owen 2016 Australian Travel Category.  

"Hello from the Coopers. We have been with your school for 15years and I have always been impressed with the quality and dedication shown by all the staff at 'the best school in NSW'. Home visits are always looked forward to by the whole family and I thank the teachers for making such a long trip and an enjoyable day." Stewart Cooper 2016 in the Geographically Isolated category of DE.   

"I love the fact that teachers are comfortable to partner with parents to provide the best opportunities for each child. If you are eligible you should take advantage of this service." Alison Cleaver 2016 via our school Facebook page. 


"I have been a parent, partnering with the teachers of this school for the past 11years and I have been so thankful for the way in which each teacher has worked to provide great leaning that meets the strengths and learning needs of each of my children - but more than that; taking the time to know and support our family as a whole, making us feel like we are part of a school 'family'. It has been wonderful." Cherie Mason 2016 in the Geographically Isolated category of DE. 

"Blown away by your school! Can't wait to start next year." Janine Xavier 2016 Australian Travel enrol category of DE following an information day. 

" I would again like to pass on our thanks to you as their teacher for the past two terms. Daniel and I greatly appreciate your support during this time. We felt we had a good balance of work and were able to enjoy our travelling at the same time. J and B enjoyed having you as their teacher and I feel you had a great rapport with them." Grace Lindon 2016  Travel enrol category of DE.